Flowers are bound to stir the dormant passions in every human being on the face of the globe. Flowers illumine the heaven and the earth alike and are potent battalions to render their support to us in happiness and melancholy as their original abode is in heaven, flowers are a blessing on the end of God.
The radiant colours come in crowds to these heroes who are conscious of the feelings as cowardly retreat is unknown to them. The expressions, the immeasurable depth of love, the emblems of victory; all these things bear a witness to the true love which flowers hold for us. Fascination, vows, pure essence of the pure passions, unvanquished spirits; all these traits are the passions of the lovers of flowers. Even the virgins do not stay behind from paying tributes to flowers. Only the dainty observer observes the awesome spectacle of flowers which is a rich treasure of beauty. The sight of flowers fills the world with divine light of blessing and this very light leaves the humans visionary, as the sight of flowers goes to the extent of sweeping off the instinctive violence latent in the stone-hearted human beings.
Feelings of tenderness and love emerge side by side and leave the humans in utter amazement. A simple glance at flowers is an occasion when we rise above the level of basic drives and listen to our inner voice. The creative status of the crown of creation gets created in our hearts; even the sooty twilight cannot eclipse the hand of God who created this universe. Living among the flowers means an instinctive course of life full of rituals and religious nature. The natural scenery of colorful flowers brings us an awareness of the reality of life. The assorted abundance of flowers sends out a unique message to the universe of which nobody can be exempted from the strong influence of flowers and these flowers purge the humanity of their impure thoughts and even purge our soul from compassionlessness to compassion generating feelings. The flowers have been unavoidable companions of our earth and human beings since their very origins.
The rare blessing, the flowers impart to the earth, teaches a lesson to us of submission, peace and reinforce the impression and expression of lovers as all the heart capturing objects of nature transfix the heart reaching thoughts and repel the adverse thoughts to the bottom of hell. The forces of good intensions can never be re-assembled and wrong notions can never be dispelled if charm does not exist in our planet as charm infuses a fresh courage into every living entity. Peace and tranquility always hold a complete sway over relations between the human beings and the countries. The unexpectedness arises out of bitter feelings and sending flowers to one another repel the diminished influence of love and ill-conceived ideas giving rise to ill feelings taking abode in our hearts. Women’s utterances are arid of passions without exchanges of flowers as the admiration is aroused through this means.
Romanticism, goodness, grace and good designs which we pursue in life and freedom of portrayal of us is always incomplete if we are not accompanied by roses and varied flowers. Our belief in our love bonds reign secure if we are in the possession of a necessity to attract the attraction of our beloved wife or sweetheart attracting her gaze on winsome flowers held in the hands of lovers. Our choices, ambitions, sentiments, exaltation, responses, greatness, liveliest pledges are forcefully emphasized through flowers as the flowers are our representative of good intentions which lay latent in the fathomless bottoms of our hearts and minds. Our hopes gain reinforcement and turn these hopes into the solemn pledges, so, let us look at these flowers not casually but seriously as they possess the heroic attributes like humans.


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