Brands are always compatible with our tastes, irrespective of class difference among the people inhabiting our globe, and marveling at the achievement of the genius who gives birth to the brands is even more a matter of pride.
The brands are worth arguing with respect to their fame and popularity in the sense of their best traits. The classical antiquity, medieval chivalry and Renaissance luxury live side by side while carrying the sense of ornamentations and they have never been stripped of brands till date. This world is compounded of the sense of brands in cloths, cosmetics, homes, hair styles, vehicles, ornaments, but the fashion must be compatible with our figures, leave it aside that every soul is obsessed with this passion of wearing brands.
The fascination, inspiration and enthusiasm can never be parted from the word “Brands”. The brands utter such a language which is heightened in every way, even the world has reached the stage where the cell phones have condensed the yawning gap with respect to communicating fashion trends across the world within a twinkling of an eye. How ridiculous and absurd it seems if we are stripped of brands as this notion leads to illusions of all-pervasive non-sense.
Brands cover all the necessities of human beings and they consist of layer after layer in the form of a network, but brand is not a brand if it does not express universal in the particular. The brands do not take long to be born, but they take long to be particular and famous among the nations as they need the whole-hearted acceptance of life. Brands in watches, shoes and jewellery take very long time to lay bare their possible meanings as they need to get embedded in our minds and personalities, once in spotlight, their interest never exhausts.
Every brand which is in the limelight records the stream of consciousness, which is unchecked, unpunctuated and shorn of obstructions with respect to the flow of acceptance. We always wait for a new brand to be born and also yearn that how long it will take to catch the eyes in the world. A brand is tantamount to revealing the archeological sites, the deeper the excavators dig, the deeper the roots will go to reinforce the fame around the world.
Creating the brands is an act which is equivalent to a mystic’s intuition as it requires a very deft adaptation. The world famous brands always carry the highest magnitude of the creator’s talents as it involves the successive generations. Instinctively, the world can never escape the feelings of brands and exercising the sensibility with regard to brands, as brands are an end in itself. The brand must carry the quality of indelibility means, some things carry everlasting impression.
The name “Brand” means a shared experience as it is like an aeroplane sky-writing. The tug-of-war among the best brands of human necessities goes uninterrupted, as duty is a true beauty and work is always in the guise of worship in itself. The world renowned brands always exercise a fascination over the world and the taste of desire never ends, as a man is always a sum total of instinctive habits.
The choking modern cities and countries vie with one another to outwit the rivals to move in the brands. Bumping hearts are always caught by fascinating things and there is no way to escape the claims of the best selling brands. Now the salvation lies in keeping pace with the modern world while shunning the disillusionment. Brands for the modern world are as charming and refreshing as a new mistress.
Let us steep in the atmosphere of diamonds, rubies, rare pearls and not beat our wings in the void, this very trait places us beyond the reach of clogged faculties of fashion wearing.
A life divorced from variety is like a bird without wings to fly; the diamonds seduce the viewers by their magnetic power and egg the beholders of beauty on a vehement praise. The fashion in diamonds and rubies never let the good impulses strangle the sense perceptions regarding aestheticism.
The reality in everything forces the admirers and the adversaries alike to lavish praise on diamonds as reality asserts itself in all conditions, be it in thorns or the flowers in thorns. We weave the cobwebs of dreams and travel from what we see to what we nourish in our hearts.
Diamonds and pearls hold the discordant elements of beauty together and we get the luminous wings to fly into the world of utopia. Dabblers in rubies and diamonds never wield a weak grasp on the fashions they like to wear in their life.
Outpourings devoid of thoughts of novel ideas in fashion wearers of rare things of Mother Nature place themselves always on a high pedestal or status. Sublimity in thoughts always dictates rank and status and never allows appreciative distraction as the praise is never coincidental but inevitable, whenever the things like diamonds invade our minds. The moth always desires to reach the stars and the moon, in the same manner women of high rank always long to stay connected with the vogues in vogue. Splendid things like splendid people are never effect-effacing. Longing for the diamonds has never been a vain longing even in the royal family or the people who wear the royal styles, life never comes again as life is as precious as diamonds.  
The gorgeous thrones also entertain the gorgeous hopes to wear the diamonds which receive the greatest emphasis from the people who gaze calmly and steadily on the wearer of these diamonds. Diamonds never go unnoticed like the thrones of the kingdoms as these precious natural gifts from God are never subordinated to anything and compose the bulk of life styles. The precious stones are the amalgam and the confluence of the real and the ideal alike, irrespective of all controls, restraints, which restrain the customs and conventions of the humanity on this planet as they embrace the present, the past, the future and flow into the stream of timelessness.
The women in diamonds drive the stylish ideas over the world and these legendary women are second to none as they can be looked upon as sparks among the ashes. These stylish women in diamonds serve as a trumpet to awake the slumbered thoughts; simply speaking they are the prophecy of the millennium. The captivating things like pearls and diamonds deliver us from the errors of our bodies. The group of ideas is called the structure of mind, as the ideas are at once immanent and transcendent.
Now, no more yawning gap exists between the earth and the space as the air traffic device has been worthily executed. How a wonderful advance upon the globe has been marked in the shape of a cell phone.
The talks move with a tumultuous and lightening speed with more varied and subtle cadences like a song. The miracle works out its own significance not in fragments but in a dramatic whole, like a conqueror. Now, through cell phones, we are in vital relations and no more utterly divorced from meeting the challenges of the fast moving worldThe more we study the cell phones, the better shall we learn about the greatest unity, the cell phones have imparted to the world as we are animated with our own audacious spirit to move towards the age beyond.
The protracted vacillation between to be and not to be of the bygone ages with no advancement in communication has given way to concentrated breadth and dignity to the human beings. This little magical communication device of a cell phone has been divided into many acts and actions like a Shakespearean drama. The inventors have filled it with the intensity of life and vigor and it is true in its minutest details and tracing the outline of life beyond scope, means a versatile delineation of a proud life. The power of characterization of its roles has been reached a mythical threshold and the skills to trace the queries are reaching its culmination, not in a chaotic manner but the highest praise is being rained on cell phones for the gratification they are rendering to the world without denying anything asked, on the end of all humanity just on the palm of our hands.
Competitors are being challenged by the competitions and no one wants to lag behind plagued with remorse, so, a tug of war is continuing like between the gratification and the appetite. The cell phones give opportunities for mighty passions and thrilling touches coupled with much nicety of settings attested by the perfection reach with regard to the progress. Holding an enduring place in the world of challenges and acquisition of mastery over sophisticated techniques, move hand in hand.
The felicitous choices have been made keeping in view the attraction to attract the customers and the users. The seasoned and skilled hands prove the capability of further progress towards absolute perfection of this marvelous communication device, the cell phone. Nothing is rough-hewn but real, resolute, rapid and magically encompasses the sphere of earth and space with mighty bursts of passions. The perfection compelling scenes in all respects surface the scene of the screen to esteem the callers and the listeners.  
The open world of infinite possibilities and self-elected choices contract and extend the dimension of space and time and imaginative visions assume the role of realities. Cell phones open up the furthest recesses of earth as these inventions can never stand second to any discoveries till date since the world endeavored to make headway in science. No powerful urgency can stand in the way of the world which cannot be overcome within twinkling of an eye through this magic spell of cell phones. The acceleration of time never suspends the inevitable pace of time, so, it can be called the imminence of infinity. Cell phone’s traffic in the affairs of the world illuminates the everyday world as the interconnectivity between the affairs and the world is our whole concern, so, what a piece of superb artistry the cell phone is.
Flowers are bound to stir the dormant passions in every human being on the face of the globe. Flowers illumine the heaven and the earth alike and are potent battalions to render their support to us in happiness and melancholy as their original abode is in heaven, flowers are a blessing on the end of God.
The radiant colours come in crowds to these heroes who are conscious of the feelings as cowardly retreat is unknown to them. The expressions, the immeasurable depth of love, the emblems of victory; all these things bear a witness to the true love which flowers hold for us. Fascination, vows, pure essence of the pure passions, unvanquished spirits; all these traits are the passions of the lovers of flowers. Even the virgins do not stay behind from paying tributes to flowers. Only the dainty observer observes the awesome spectacle of flowers which is a rich treasure of beauty. The sight of flowers fills the world with divine light of blessing and this very light leaves the humans visionary, as the sight of flowers goes to the extent of sweeping off the instinctive violence latent in the stone-hearted human beings.
Feelings of tenderness and love emerge side by side and leave the humans in utter amazement. A simple glance at flowers is an occasion when we rise above the level of basic drives and listen to our inner voice. The creative status of the crown of creation gets created in our hearts; even the sooty twilight cannot eclipse the hand of God who created this universe. Living among the flowers means an instinctive course of life full of rituals and religious nature. The natural scenery of colorful flowers brings us an awareness of the reality of life. The assorted abundance of flowers sends out a unique message to the universe of which nobody can be exempted from the strong influence of flowers and these flowers purge the humanity of their impure thoughts and even purge our soul from compassionlessness to compassion generating feelings. The flowers have been unavoidable companions of our earth and human beings since their very origins.
The rare blessing, the flowers impart to the earth, teaches a lesson to us of submission, peace and reinforce the impression and expression of lovers as all the heart capturing objects of nature transfix the heart reaching thoughts and repel the adverse thoughts to the bottom of hell. The forces of good intensions can never be re-assembled and wrong notions can never be dispelled if charm does not exist in our planet as charm infuses a fresh courage into every living entity. Peace and tranquility always hold a complete sway over relations between the human beings and the countries. The unexpectedness arises out of bitter feelings and sending flowers to one another repel the diminished influence of love and ill-conceived ideas giving rise to ill feelings taking abode in our hearts. Women’s utterances are arid of passions without exchanges of flowers as the admiration is aroused through this means.
Romanticism, goodness, grace and good designs which we pursue in life and freedom of portrayal of us is always incomplete if we are not accompanied by roses and varied flowers. Our belief in our love bonds reign secure if we are in the possession of a necessity to attract the attraction of our beloved wife or sweetheart attracting her gaze on winsome flowers held in the hands of lovers. Our choices, ambitions, sentiments, exaltation, responses, greatness, liveliest pledges are forcefully emphasized through flowers as the flowers are our representative of good intentions which lay latent in the fathomless bottoms of our hearts and minds. Our hopes gain reinforcement and turn these hopes into the solemn pledges, so, let us look at these flowers not casually but seriously as they possess the heroic attributes like humans.
The trance of joy never slumbers in its paradise, when the lips touch the best brands wines of the world and at the spur of the moment, the bearer of the beakers pant with joy.
How ecstatic it sounds when tender feelings tread the fastidious hearts of the lovers in an ecstasy. Writers and poets have always been toiling devotedly to convey their ideas to enhance the taste of wines from across the world. The moments of rapture reign supreme and our innate tendency to celebrate the jubilation stirs the latent emotions in our minds and hearts.
The conception of wines conceived in tranquil moments lead to the springs of joy gushing forth from the hearts. Some moments wear the garb of novelty and mark the point of transition in our lives and ideas bloom into smiling colours. The branded things are always at the highest peak of fame, like the shining stars of the sky and heave the melodious and musical sighs which enthrall the lovers of the brands. How can we conceive to become fugitive from the joy of assorted wines as no one can escape this charming spell? The sweet influence of wine strips the revellers of all their mundane worries and cares and re-clothes the worn out ideas while lending the senses a lovely and poetic exaltation. The spirit of enjoyment moves through every soul irrespective of gender, not with the exception of birds and animals.
The passion for wine has become an obsession with everyone on the face of the earth as the moments itself enjoy in wine and bless the humans with a life divorced from tensions of life and take refuge in an abstract world. The distinct senses represent the inner ideas and the cloak of uneasiness gets unwrapped and the sweet intoxication of wine carries us away from the work-a-day world to the world of love and we take abode in sweet moments. 
The cult of beauty gets refined having bathed in the existence of the flow of thoughts and the imaginary honey moon turns into a reality when with a beloved and the bride, the wine accompanies us, as the mistress presents the spectacle of a divine mistress. The wine never let the happy moments trample to fragments; the happiness is a world which wields the force to radiate the world and wine represents the fulfillment of our promises and desires on happy occasions, even the might of sorrows sees the morrow in the accompaniment of wine. In wine, we get lost in a tumult of mighty harmonies of sweet songs. Our moods always make a frantic appeal to steep in a mood of ecstatic joy of wine and we bid adieu to the earthiness of the earth as life is the name of interconnections and interdependence of moods. 
Moods reconstruct the imperfection into the perfection and the fragments of thoughts assume the shape of potentials to move our spirits to scale the giddy heights of our destinations. Our thoughts and feelings never come to a compromise when it comes to our ideals and ideas as we never wander following an ambiguous visions because dead stars never shine.
Neat phrasing, rare faculty, but not verbal condensation is required to lend a distinguishing touch to the forcefulness of beautifying articles of cosmetics. A well-informed, well-taught and infallible feat coupled with crowning efforts, accompanied by high standard and world famous brands in cosmetics never fail to make you a fairy.
Cosmetics owe their success to marvelous skills, as correctness always requires patience. The undisputed masters of art always establish social prestige who, care for protection, style and setup a worthy example of spontaneous qualities for the modern life. Ladies, damsels and the girls in adolescence cannot resist the temptation of the captivating appearance of cosmetics. Wearing makeup, the women advance on an easy conquest to conquer the lovers lurking at their hearts. How ensnaring the ringlets sound when they get lost into the labyrinthine of intoxicating fragrance of cosmetics. Highly priced things always turn into highly prized possessions for high born ladies as these things like charm enhancing products are selected for their efficiency.
Wearing beauty boosting fashions in cosmetics, means, inviting a good omen of life to come. The perfumed strong gust of wind laden with cosmetics, lend fresh colours to the cheeks of the spring flowers also. The ladies, wearing world class brands in cosmetics always put on airs of self importance. 
The self conscious women always yield to the entreaties of these cosmetics to put on coquettish airs. How ideas bring forth new ideas in fashion wearing women and confer upon them an inventive power and they look as beautiful as an ocean in winter. A merry mood to mesmerize the lovers is indebted to cosmetics. Cosmetics shine on all the faces alike just as the sun shines on all the objects of Mother Nature. The sorting of a world famous brands is the principal employment and is reckoned an excellent morning’s task. If the unwieldy elephant and tortoise can be transformed into the elegance of shell and ivory combs, why the faces in possession of attractiveness of faces decked with cosmetics cannot be transformed into the heart capturing glowing gems. Faces are not wanting in a magical pull but have the capacity to entice away the devils also.
To ink something on cosmetics, I have to dip my pen in the consuming fire to fire the passions of the world at large, nothing intrusive, but startling. The illuminating phrases coupled with glowing faces in cosmetics, stock the countries across the world with proverbs. The renunciation of makeup, means, bringing unhappiness to our life and to embark upon a worse course to steer and pursuing a lonely road leading to nowhere. So, to accentuate the emphasis of praise, a never ending string of passages is required to pay tributes to the world of cosmetics.
Women and splendour can equal the glory of the morning sun. The importance of cosmetics never fades to vagueness as they have the marvelous force to draw space even out of chaotic situations. Cosmetics remain the most fascinating dreams of the women who are in love with their lovers and with themselves.

Monotheism Content Writer