Let us steep in the atmosphere of diamonds, rubies, rare pearls and not beat our wings in the void, this very trait places us beyond the reach of clogged faculties of fashion wearing.
A life divorced from variety is like a bird without wings to fly; the diamonds seduce the viewers by their magnetic power and egg the beholders of beauty on a vehement praise. The fashion in diamonds and rubies never let the good impulses strangle the sense perceptions regarding aestheticism.
The reality in everything forces the admirers and the adversaries alike to lavish praise on diamonds as reality asserts itself in all conditions, be it in thorns or the flowers in thorns. We weave the cobwebs of dreams and travel from what we see to what we nourish in our hearts.
Diamonds and pearls hold the discordant elements of beauty together and we get the luminous wings to fly into the world of utopia. Dabblers in rubies and diamonds never wield a weak grasp on the fashions they like to wear in their life.
Outpourings devoid of thoughts of novel ideas in fashion wearers of rare things of Mother Nature place themselves always on a high pedestal or status. Sublimity in thoughts always dictates rank and status and never allows appreciative distraction as the praise is never coincidental but inevitable, whenever the things like diamonds invade our minds. The moth always desires to reach the stars and the moon, in the same manner women of high rank always long to stay connected with the vogues in vogue. Splendid things like splendid people are never effect-effacing. Longing for the diamonds has never been a vain longing even in the royal family or the people who wear the royal styles, life never comes again as life is as precious as diamonds.  
The gorgeous thrones also entertain the gorgeous hopes to wear the diamonds which receive the greatest emphasis from the people who gaze calmly and steadily on the wearer of these diamonds. Diamonds never go unnoticed like the thrones of the kingdoms as these precious natural gifts from God are never subordinated to anything and compose the bulk of life styles. The precious stones are the amalgam and the confluence of the real and the ideal alike, irrespective of all controls, restraints, which restrain the customs and conventions of the humanity on this planet as they embrace the present, the past, the future and flow into the stream of timelessness.
The women in diamonds drive the stylish ideas over the world and these legendary women are second to none as they can be looked upon as sparks among the ashes. These stylish women in diamonds serve as a trumpet to awake the slumbered thoughts; simply speaking they are the prophecy of the millennium. The captivating things like pearls and diamonds deliver us from the errors of our bodies. The group of ideas is called the structure of mind, as the ideas are at once immanent and transcendent.


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